GWP Tanzania nominated as member of the UNESCO-IHP Executive Committee

In the last quarter of 2019, GWP Tanzania was nominated by Ministry of Water to the twelve member National UNESCO-International Hydrology Committee (IHP) whose core function is to provide advice to the Government on topical issues for research and implications for capacity development in water education and research at national, regional and global levels. The Committee also acts as a coordinating body working closely with other related partners sharing similar interest on water resources at national, regional and international levels.

During the IHP Committee inception meeting that was held in Morogoro on 14th November 2019, the twelve member committee elected GWP Tanzania to be part of the five member Executive team with the task to be the managerial arm of the IHP programme in Tanzania.

Since 2017, GWP Tanzania has been at the forefront of resuscitating the IHP National Committee where it led initial efforts of drafting a concept note on possible pathways of refurbishing the partnership and generating impetus. The IHP is one of the flagship programmes for UNESCO and is usually implemented at country level through a national IHP Committee. The initial IHP national committee was constituted way back in the early 1990’s but suffered multiple setbacks and hence did not deliver as expected. Thus, the new IHP Committee has been constituted with a clear mandate and jurisdiction as per UNESCO IHP protocols while being abreast to inherent challenges in the country.